Award Winning
Irish Gin and Vodka

Granda McClenaghan's Hot Toddy

A classic Irish Winter staple to warm the belly


35ml Muff Gin

15ml Brandy Ball Syrup

3/4 Drops of Angostura Bitters

Hot Water



How to mix

This drink doesn’t require a cocktail shaker. Instead, we’re going to build the hot drink in a Hot Toddy glass!

1. Heat up your glass with some boiling water. We are making a Hot Toddy & want to keep our drink hot for as long as we can. Dump your water when the glass is hot!

2. Use your measure, add 35ml Muff Gin into your glass.

3. Use your measure as a guide to add 15ml of Brandy Ball Syrup and then add 3 or 4 drops of Angostura Bitters.

4. Top your drink up with hot water (approx. 100ml).

5. Grab your orange & cut a slice from it. Stud 3 or 4 of the cloves into the orange slice & drop this straight into your Hot Toddy.

6. Serve, and Enjoy!

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