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Irish Gin and Vodka

Our Story

You’ll understand our story when we tell you of our past, and it all starts with our Great Grandfather Mc Clenaghan.

...From past to present...

In the early part of the 20th century Philip McClenaghan farmed the bountiful soil in the fields around his native Greencastle. It was here that he grew one of the finest examples of the staple we hold dear as a people - the potato. Though Philip was more than familiar with potatoes, little did he know their potential to create one of the finest gins and vodka the world has ever seen.

...The experiment...

Most people in Donegal were content with just eating the potatoes he farmed, but Philip was no ordinary man and he didn’t do just ordinary things with potatoes. He was possessed by what his mother would have called “a little bit of divilment” and began experimenting with a potion made exclusively of boldness (and potatoes!) using his own recipe and distillation process.

...A spirit of sharing...

Philip spent many an hour concocting and perfecting his creation, using friends and family as test subjects to get it just right. Soon the word was spreading about Philip’s liquors, and every Friday afternoon a steady stream of locals would passthrough the McClenaghan farmhouse to pick up a jar of his finely crafted spirit to help them liven up proceedings at the local dance that evening.

Laura BonnerIllustration of Philip sharing the gin

...The legacy continues...

Inspired by the past, driven by the future.

His granddaughter Laura now continues his storied tradition of making a product born of the land and crafted by hand. Her ambition is to make sure The Muff Liquor Company is a testament to the hardworking values of Philip McClenaghan and his image now rightfully adorns the label of our bottle.

His secret to a long life?
“Plenty of hard work” he was known to say.

Although a healthy dash of his finely crafted spirit didn’t do him any harm either...

... Granda Mc Clenaghan ...

Before you take a sip of Muff,
A tale I first must weave.
It’s now a scéal a Century old,
And easy to believe.

It starts with Granda Mc Clenaghan,
A spud farmer like no other.
A crafty, coy and curious boy,
- A handful for Grandmother.

He was always in good spirits,
I learned his secret later.
Old Granda was brewing poitín,
The cunning spirit maker.

That moonshine he concocted,
And passed on to his kin.
They’ve tweaked until perfected,
For the right amount of sin.

When you pour yourself a Muff,
And before you drink your fill,
Think of fly Granda Mc Clenaghan,
And his still up on the hill.

... Our success ...

The Muff Liquor Company have already won many prestigious awards for our family crafted gin and vodka. Our product has been recognised by industry experts across the globe - and we are only getting started!

We think our liquors are superb, and we aren’t the only ones who think so.

The Irish Gin Awards 2019The Irish Gin Awards 2019The Gin Masters Award 2020Spirits Business Award Gold 2020Spirits Business Award Gold 2020