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Award Winning
Irish Gin and Vodka

Award Winning
Premium Irish Spirits

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...Muff Brand Home - opening night celebration!...

Well what a night everyone had to celebrate the opening of the new Muff Brand building, back where it all started in the village of Muff in County Donegal! Joined by the company of our special celebrity investors, it's a night we won't forget! Here are a few of the pictures from the event below. You can read the full official press release here.

... new range of bottle designs ...

... Summer Sips...

Our summer sips offer includes muff liquor gin, Vodka & whiskey plus 2 bottles of Tonic & one bottle of Ginger ale.


...Muff Gin...

Muff Gin exemplifies The Muff Liquor Company’s dedication to quality and innovation, combining traditional distilling techniques with carefully selected botanicals. Starting with the same high-quality potatoes used in Muff Vodka, the gin incorporates a blend of mandarin, juniper berries, citrus peel, elderflower, and rosemary, cold-infused overnight in the potato spirit. After infusion, the gin is distilled to capture the vibrant flavors, then cut to a final ABV of 40%. A hint of Champagne extract is added, imparting subtle effervescence and enhancing the gin’s well-balanced and complex flavor profile.

Map of DonegalMap of Donegal

...Muff Whiskey...

Inspired by the past, Muff Whiskey, with its peated characteristics and depth of flavours lends itself to a quality tasting experience. Muff whiskey is a 5 part blend of Irish Malt and Grain whiskey's, each one bringing an individual element which combine to give multiple layers of flavour on the nose, middle palate and end of the tasting experience.


...Muff Vodka...

Muff Vodka begins its distillation process by selecting the finest potatoes, which are mashed with water and enzymes. The mixture undergoes steam heating for saccharification, converting starches into fermentable sugars, followed by fermentation with yeast to produce alcohol. This mash is distilled six times, achieving over 96% ABV, and then diluted with pure water to reach 40% ABV. The final product undergoes meticulous filtration, resulting in a premium vodka with a clean, crisp flavor, perfect for sipping neat or as a versatile cocktail base.

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Philip McClenaghan Illustration

... Our success ...

The Muff Liquor Company have already won many prestigious awards for our family crafted gin and vodka. Our product has been recognised by industry experts across the globe - and we are only getting started!

We think our liquors are superb, and we aren’t the only ones who think so.

The Irish Gin Awards 2019The Irish Gin Awards 2019The Gin Masters Award 2020Spirits Business Award Gold 2020Spirits Business Award Gold 2020

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