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The Muff Liquor Company’s Summer Barbeque Essential

July 20, 2019

There’s only a few weeks left to make the most of the summer weather here in Ireland, and while it has rained most days since the start of the year, the sun has finally started to make an appearance! Though the forecast isn’t looking the most promising right now, we’re not going to let that dampen our spirits. Keep our list of summer barbeque essentials to hand for the next sunny day, you’ll thank us when you don’t have to waste time nipping to the local shops to get stocked up!

Summer BBQ essential #1 - Equipment

This might seem like we’re stating the obvious, but you can’t have a barbeque without barbeque equipment! If you’re a professional, invest in a grill or smoker. On a budget? A disposable works just as well, and costs a fraction of the price! Make sure your equipment is working properly by testing it well in advance of your guests arriving - the last thing you want are disappointed partygoers because you’ve forgot to stock up on gas! The grill isn’t all you’ll need - you’ll also need your fuel, tongs, cutlery and crockery. Don’t forget the napkins, too!

Summer BBQ essential #2 - The food

You can’t have a barbeque without great food, and it’s important you cater for your whole party’s needs. For the carnivorous, there’s the obvious choices like burgers, sausages, skewers and pork chops, but what about your vegetarian or vegan friends? Some ideas include cauliflower steaks, grilled aubergine, and baked pineapple. Most supermarkets also sell a wide-range of vegan and vegetarian protein options, as well as gluten-free bread burger baps and rolls. Every great barbeque needs sides too, so stock up on potato wedges, fries, salads and desserts! 

Summer BBQ essential #3 - Entertainment

Ever been to a party where there’s no music, no ‘craic’ and just a general lack of atmosphere? The last thing you want is your guests leaving your party underwhelmed. How do you make sure it’s a success? Well first, you’re going to need music. Create a playlist with hits from different genres and different decades (and make sure you have something to play it on!), or take requests prior to your party by asking your guests what their favourite song is. Are the kids coming too? The obvious choice here for sunny days is a paddling pool, but if you don’t have the space, there’s plenty of other garden games to keep them entertained - try classic Swingball, or giant Connect 4!

SummerBBQ essential #4 - Your company

No great barbeque would be complete without your friends and family. Whether you’re planning a small get together, or a full-blown soirée, give your guests as much notice as possible.

SummerBBQ essential #5 - Decorations

We’re not asking you to spend a fortune doing up the backyard, but adding a few finishing touches will help to add ambience and atmosphere to your party. These get togethers tend to last well into the night, so adding a few solar-powered fairy lights to the back garden is a great way to add a touch of magic to the garden. You could also pick up a few fleece blankets for when the sun goes down- it’s a shame having to head inside when it gets nippy, so this way -everyone’s happy!

SummerBBQ essential #6 - The drink

Last but not least, you’ll need to ensure the drinks cupboard is well stocked.Thankfully, the Muff Liquor Company offers both Gin and Vodka, and you’ll find ideas for cocktails to wow your guests over on our Serves page. Don’t forget to keep plenty of ice in the freezer and get everyone’s favourite mixers in! You can shop our products here.


What are your summer barbeque essentials? Let us know on social!

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